10 Things You Can Do While Hands-Free Double Breast Pumping

Breastfeeding Your Twins

If you are breastfeeding your twins or plan to breastfeed, that usually means that you will need to have a breast pump on hand either to boost supply, maintain supply or just to provide relief on those days you feel like you are going to burst.

Double pumping usually means you have to sit on the couch holding on to the two bottles while you pump for 20 minutes.

But what if I said to you that you can now double pump hands-free, leaving you with 20 minutes to indulge yourself while you wait for that beautiful milk to be expressed.

So I thought I would tempt you with all the things you could do during your 20 minute pumping session if you only had your hands free…..

1. Play with your babies

I had a love/hate relationship with my breast pump (more hate than love it must be said). And the main reason for my distain for the machine sitting on my coffee table was that it took me away from playing with my babies. All I wanted to do was sit on the floor and play with them after I had finished feeding, but no… I had to strap myself to this ‘thing’ and hold on to the bottles while watching my babies from the couch.

With hands-free pumping you have the freedom to get down on the floor with your babies while they enjoy a kick around before bundling them back into bed. 

2. Fold Washing

It has to be done, so you might as well pump while you’re folding all those adorable little onesies and socks.

3. Eat

I know it’s a foreign concept to get 5 minutes to actually sit down and eat anything when your babies are tiny, but now you have an excuse. Pump and eat – it’s possible!

4. Make dinner

Again, a foreign concept in those early days but a bit of veggie chopping and whipping up something that isn’t out of a can is now possible while you’re pumping.

5. Power Nap

I know every time someone says “sleep when your babies sleep” it makes you want to scream, but with hands-free pumping you will be able to have a quick power nap on the couch for 10 mins while the milking session is happening.

As you don’t have to hold any bottles there is no fear of falling asleep and letting the bottles go, only to be woken soaked in breastmilk (something I may have done on quite a few occasions!). You can enjoy a quick risk-free power snooze before your babies wake for their next feed.

6. Catch up on Social Media

It’s good to remind yourself that there is a world outside your front door, even though you may not have seen it for a few weeks. Social Media is a great way to keep in touch but while mums of singletons can do this while they are feeding or single pumping (sigh) it’s a bit harder when you’re wrangling two babies or double pumping. However, with hands free pumping you have two hands free to SM surf to your hearts content.

7. Read a magazine

You know, one of those beautiful fashion mags, to remind yourself (while you are sitting unshowered for the second day in your pajamas that have baby spit, breast milk and who knows what else on them) that you were glamorous once, pre-twins… (another sigh).

8. Read a book

And no I don’t mean ‘Where is Maisy’s Panda’, I mean something that has words longer than 5 letters in them. Again, with your hands free while you are pumping, you might as well enjoy a little indulgence time for you..

9 & 10. And talking of indulgence…

A manicure, a deep conditioning treatment on your hair, a quick face mask…. Anything to help you feel just a little bit treated.

You are a supermum of twins after all so you DEFINITELY deserve it!

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