A Twin Mum’s Journey – Jule Scherer’s Double Trouble Blog Series

Breastfeeding Your Twins, Your Newborn Twins, Your Premature Twins, Your Twin Pregnancy

We are so excited to be able to share with you a fantastic series of blogs written by the gorgeous Jule Scherer for stuff.co.nz.

These articles are a personal insight into one twin mum’s journey from discovering she was pregnant with twins and through their first few months as a family.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did xx

“There’s a heartbeat, oh, no there are two heartbeats!” When the sonographer said these words we knew we’re in for a wild ride.


In my blogs on Stuff.co.nz I have shared the journey from finding out that there were two, through all the pregnancy sorrows, highlights and thoughts and the challenges of the first months as twin parents.


I know that it can be overwhelming and scary to learn that you’re expecting twins but there’s just noting better than being greeted by two wide smiles in the morning.


I love being a twin mama and I hope that my experiences will help some of you to get through the hard times and embrace the chaos and delight that comes with parenting two (or more).




Read the full series from the links below

  1. Double Trouble: When two became FOUR!
  2. What kind of twins are they?
  3. Double sickness, burps and gas.
  4. Double Trouble: Eating for three
  5. Double Trouble: Finding out the gender
  6. Double Trouble: Beware of the Google monster
  7. Joining the Multiple Birth Club
  8. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or the Creepy Dead Hand
  9. Amazing twin bellies
  10. Shocking twin myths
  11. Where will the twins sleep?
  12. How not to name twins
  13. When to go on maternity leave with twins
  14. Double Trouble: Insomnia
  15. What’s in the twin hospital bag?
  16. Tomorrow I’ll be a mum of twins
  17. Giving birth to my twins
  18. Starting life in NICU
  19. Breastfeeding twins
  20. Double Trouble: The F-Word.
  21. Double Trouble: When a poonami hits
  22. Routines: Baby or parent-led twin schedule
  23. Holidaying with twin babies
  24. The twin time vortex
  25. Double Trouble: The things that make me cry
  26. Twins: Identical but not the same
  27. Double Trouble: The twin meltdown
  28. Double Trouble: Resuable nappies for two
  29. Going out for the first time as a twin mum
  30. When a helping hand can make all the difference
  31. 10 things I’ve learned about twins

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