Breastfeeding Twins

Yes you can successfully breastfeed your twins. From lactation consultants advice to great products to help – we are right beside you in your breastfeeding journey.

How the Twin Z Pillow was Born

It was after the birth of her twin girls that Michelle Barsosky, creator of the Twin Z Nursing Pillow, realized that even after months of planning and getting prepared for her girls arrival there were so many things she was still unprepared for. After her babies were...

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Can You Breastfeed Premature Twins?

Let’s be honest, breastfeeding multiples isn’t always easy and this is especially true when they’re born very early. It can be quite a journey and breastfeeding doesn’t work out for every mum. Many mums-to-be imagine themselves tandem breastfeeding their newborns...

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Getting Established with Breastfeeding Twins

I first met Lactation Consultant Trish Warder three years ago as I needed help to get my babies breastfeeding. My girls were around two months old and I had really struggled to get feeding established but was slowly losing the battle. I was at a point of almost 70%...

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The Benefits of Skin-to-Skin Time with your Twin Babies

What is Skin-to-Skin? Skin-to-skin, also called Kangaroo Care or Kangaroo Mother Care is holding your babies bare chest to bare chest, skin against skin. It helps newborns adjust to being outside the womb and has a multitude of benefits to both mother and babies....

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What if your twins need formula?

Infant formula is for babies which are not being breastfed, are partially breastfed or are being weaned. It is a type of milk which has been specially designed to resemble as close to breast milk as it can in its composition, so it contains the same fats,...

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Breastfeeding Twins – Your Dietary Requirements

Breastfeeding twins can take a lot of patience, dedication and time, but there are many advantages to persevering. It is vitally important that you look after yourself while breastfeeding twins and ensure you are getting enough of the right nutrients to maintain your...

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Breastfeeding Twins – Your Milk Supply

One of the greatest concerns that new mothers of twins have relating to breastfeeding is “Will I have enough milk”. I know this was definitely my biggest concern and I was like a woman possessed scouring the internet on a regular basis trying to find ways to help...

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Our Top Tips for Preparing for the Arrival of Twins.

I’m guessing you’re reading this as you have just found out you’re having twins! Congratulations and welcome to the wonderful world of multiples Finding out you are having twins is a life changing moment. Once you picked yourself up off the floor and started breathing...

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At Twins & More we strive to nurture, support and inspire you through your twin pregnancy and your first years as a new mama of twins.

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