Your Premature Twins

What to expect if your twin babies arrive earlier than planned. We have lots of advice from a NICU specialist plus twin mums on what it’s really like to spend time in NICU with twins.

Can You Breastfeed Premature Twins?

Let’s be honest, breastfeeding multiples isn’t always easy and this is especially true when they’re born very early. It can be quite a journey and breastfeeding doesn’t work out for every mum. Many mums-to-be imagine themselves tandem breastfeeding their newborns...

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The NICU Diaries – Part Two – The First Days in NICU

Discover one twin mum's story through the early arrival of her beautiful twin girls and their stay in NICU. Jule shares her journey in a three part series, taking you from first finding out her babies need the extra care provided by the neonatal unit, navigating...

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Taking Your Premature Twins Home

When you’re finally told that your NICU stay is coming to an end and you’ll be allowed to take your precious premature twins or triplets home, it’s hard to not have mixed feelings. On the one hand it’s what you have been waiting for since your babies went into NICU....

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Your Top 9 Questions About NICU Answered

Having your twins in NICU can be very frightening and confusing. There are so many questions new parents might have. Neonatal Nurse Specialist Darcy Stott who works at Wellington Hospital in New Zealand is often one of the first NICU staff members that mums and dads...

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Our Top 12 NICU Survival Tips with Twins

Up to 50% of twins are born prematurely and have to spend some time in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) or a Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) if they need just a little bit of help. Here are our top 12 tips to help parents get through this tough time. 1. Set up a...

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The Benefits of Skin-to-Skin Time with your Twin Babies

What is Skin-to-Skin? Skin-to-skin, also called Kangaroo Care or Kangaroo Mother Care is holding your babies bare chest to bare chest, skin against skin. It helps newborns adjust to being outside the womb and has a multitude of benefits to both mother and babies....

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At Twins & More we strive to nurture, support and inspire you through your twin pregnancy and your first years as a new mama of twins.

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