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Support with Twins

At Twins & More we highly recommend that you join a local Multiple Birth Club or Association during your pregnancy as there is enormous value in having a support group around you that understands the journey you are about to travel with multiples.


The Australian Multiple Birth Association ( is the national organization run by volunteer parents of multiples and has over 50 affiliated clubs around the country with around 4,000 current members with multiples of mainly pre-school aged and younger.

Each club supports its members in their own unique way with the ultimate goal to be there for families when they need it most. Support comes in many forms: whether offering a playgroup or coffee morning for parents to take a break with other families experiencing the same challenges; producing a newsletter as a form of communication and resource; or offering information sessions such as antenatal evenings, parenting courses specifically aimed at parents with twins, triplets or more, or multiples-in-school evenings.

If you don’t have a local Multiple Birth Club then you are able to become an associate member of AMBA. Details can be found at

You can find more information including details of your local Multiple Birth Club at

New Zealand

Multiples NZ is the national body that represents 14 local Multiple Birth Clubs plus the national Triplets Plus Club. These clubs nationally support over 1,500 families providing education, support and advocacy.

There is usually an annual membership fee of around $30-$50 per year and each club offers a slightly different range of services but you can expect the following type of valuable support:

  • A friendly contact person to answer questions about what the club does and other services in your area
  • A Buddy System so you have someone to turn to for help, advice, advocacy, support or just a friendly chat
  • Playgroups or coffee mornings
  • Websites and/or a Facebook page, and a local club newsletter
  • New Parent Packs—information for parents and a range of samples
  • A free box of Huggies nappies once your babies arrive
  • A range of hire equipment
  • A club library, stocked with books about pregnancy, birth and raising multiples—including the range of information booklets published by the Multiples NZ.

Larger urban clubs, such as those in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington, can offer an even greater range of services:

  • Regular social activities
  • Multiple-specific antenatal education
  • Parent education, e.g. New Parent Evening, parenting topics, first aid courses
  • A hospital visiting team, so that brand-new parents meet a club member for support and a first contact for finding out further information—if they want
  • A huge range of social events for mums, dads and families, aimed at preventing isolation, and promoting networking, support and friendship between members… and having fun!
  • Bereavement support
  • Meals for new families, and in some clubs, a grocery hamper
  • Free, or very cheap, second-hand baby/children’s clothing.

Click on the link below to find contact information about a Multiple Birth Club in your area.

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