Hospital Bag Checklist for Twins

The time has come to pack your hospital bag in anticipation of your twins’ arrival, but what on earth do you pack??

Download our free Hospital Bag Checklist for Twins to find out.

Hospital Checklist for Twins - Twins & More

It took me WEEKS to get my bag packed, ready to head to the hospital. I had no idea what I should take to wear, what I should take for my girls to wear – let alone all the other paraphenalia that one ‘needs’ when staying away from home for a few nights.

It’s why I wanted to put together a list for you – to help relieve some of the anxiety and stress that starts building at this time in your pregnancy. You have enough on your plate – so let me take some of the guesswork away and at least get you started with your packing list.

I hope it helps.

Anna xx

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