The Ultimate Shopping Checklist for Twins

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Shopping Checklist for Twins

It’s one of the first things that rushes through your head once you discover you are having twins – OMG, I will have to buy two of everything. I know it was for me. As a single mama, staring at those two little dots on the ultrasound screen, the nice little budget I had pulled together to get myself prepared for my baby’s arrival had suddenly DOUBLED.

Gulp… twins???

There are so many things to consider when purchasing for twins and many stores aren’t able to advise you from a ‘multiple’ perspective as many items take on a new or different purpose or level of importance when you have twins. And it’s impossible to know this unless you are lucky enough to have a close friend that has young twins that can help you navigate the minefield.

So, think of me as your best friend with twins, as this list was modelled on my own shopping list and then tweaked once I realised what products were important for mama’s of twins.

I hope you find it really useful – enjoy!

Anna xx

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