35 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

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Are you 35 weeks pregnant with twins? Read on to discover how your babies are growing and developing. Rest, rest, and more rest will be on the cards for you mama. We discuss how it will be important to listen to your natural instincts once you bring your new babies home. Congratulations mama of twins - you got this.

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Hey, how’re you feeling mama? Have those babies of yours arrived yet? If not, they won’t be far away.

Now that you are 35 weeks pregnant with twins, there is not long to go until they arrive, so rest, rest, and more rest will be on the cards for you. Make the most of it.

You might want to have a discussion with your significant other about expectations around caring for your babies. Best to do it before the babies arrive while you are not seriously tired and emotional.

Caring for two babies is tough and will take the two of you to pull together to ensure that everyone’s needs are met – babies, mom’s and dads. Dad can often feel completely superfluous, especially if you are breastfeeding, so to avoid hurt feelings, a conversation about roles before your cherubs arrive will go a long way.

If you have other children, make sure your care plan for them is organized and that Grandma/Aunty/Friend has all the information they will need if they need to drop everything once the time comes. You won’t want the extra stress of worrying about your older babies while you are rushing to the hospital to have your new ones.

And…. don’t forget to share your new arrival news in the Twins & More Facebook Group – we would love to help you celebrate and I can’t wait to see their little faces – I’ll see you over there.

How are you feeling mama?

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms at 35 Weeks

If you have come this far, awesome! A large majority of twins will have been delivered by 36 weeks, but if you have dichorionic twins and they are doing well, they still may be cooking! Rest, rest, and more rest is on the cards for you mama.

Regular visits with your Obstetrician and the overwhelming desire to see your twins born takes up a lot of your time now. Your babies will continue to store body fat, won’t be able to move around a lot and consequently, your tummy will be enormous!

As Mama, you’ll have plenty of sleepless nights, aches and pains, heartburn, and toilet trips. Look out for labor signs of spotting, leaking amniotic fluid, contraction pains, and changes in your vaginal discharges.

What are your twins up to this week?

Your Twins at 35 Weeks – Height & Weight

At week 36, they’ll each weigh around 5 pounds and Twin A will be moving down into your pelvis getting ready to be born, if they haven’t already.

Your babies won’t be much smaller than a singleton of that gestation, but you will certainly be larger than a Mom with a singleton!

What you might be wondering about this week

What to do When You Get Home with Twins

All sorts of things will be going through your mind on that car ride home from the hospital.  I’ve had all this professional help and now I’m on my own with these newborn babies.  Yikes!

Be assured, your natural instinct will kick in and within a few days, you won’t be able to remember what life was like before babies.

The only advice I have to share is to listen to your babies, remain calm, breathe deeply and enjoy one of the most special times you will ever experience in your life.

And…. ask for help. People want to help, they may not know what help you need, so don’t be shy to ask.

Introduce your new babies

We would love to know when your babies arrive so please let us know in our Twins & More Facebook Community Group and share a pic.

This is the last in our twin pregnancy series so I just want to finish off by saying a massive THANK YOU for letting me be a part of the most exciting journey of your life.

No amount of advice can possibly prepare you enough for the journey you’re about to embark on as every journey is so different. 

Yes it will be hard, yes you will be more tired than you ever thought possible but you will get through it. You will be a strong mama bear with two gorgeous babies to love, nurture and grow.

There is nothing more precious in this world.

Congratulations Mama. You got this.

Much love

35 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

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