7 Ways to Choose the Perfect Names for your Twins

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Struggling to come up with the perfect names for your delicious duo? It’s often hard enough to agree on a name for one baby – let alone twins!

It gets even more challenging if you have decided to wait to find out the twins genders until they are born! You might want to have three combinations of names to choose from depending on what pops out.

When deciding on names for your twins it can often be helpful to decide on one name you both love and then choose a complimentary name

Huffington Post outlines ways to choose baby names for twins that I thought was quite genius and a great place to begin if you are having trouble even starting down the thought process. They offer a range of options from the obvious to the very subtle.

By First Initial

The most obvious and popular way to name twins is by giving them the same first initial: Ella and Emma or Lilly and Logan. If you are looking for the easy option then this is by far your best choice. Choose your favourite name and then scroll down the list of names with the same first letter and draw up your short list – easy!

By Syllable or Sound

Less obvious than matching the first initial of the twin names are choosing two names with the same number of syllables or similar sounds. You might pick two one-syllable names such as Bea and Max, for example, or two names that share a middle or ending sound, such as Oliver and Everett or Aiden and Carson.

By Style

Style is a subtler way to link twin names and one which you can have a bit of fun and imagination with. You can make compatible pairs of classic names such as Jacob and Olivia or fashionable names like Madison and Jayden or unusual exotic names such as Santiago and Sebastian.

By Meaning

Meaning can be an interesting way to quietly link twin names. Some common name meanings offer a wide range of names to choose from. There are 440 names on Nameberry with a meaning that includes the word God, for instance, so you can find pairs that range from the fashionable Caleb and Amos to the sedate Elizabeth and Jane. More specialized meanings offer fewer options but a closer link: Aurelia and Cressida both mean gold, for example, while Ariel and Leo share a lion meaning.

By Origin

Names linked by origin can be quiet or more obvious. Many people would recognize that Duncan and Malcolm share a Scottish heritage, for instance, but fewer people would identify Blair and Cameron as sharing the same Scottish origin.

By Theme

You might choose names with a children’s book theme, for example, such as Matilda and Alice, or two names with secret nature meanings, such as Yara (which means butterfly) and Paloma (dove). Other theme examples might be place names, surname-names, or names that relate to the sea.

By Popularity

Finding two names with similar standing on the popularity scale can be a simplified way to identify a compatible pair. These might be Top 50 favourite like Nathan and Isaac (which also share a Biblical theme and a Hebrew heritage) or a more unusual pair such as Freya and Lilia, side-by-side at Numbers 08 and 09.

Needing some inspiration?

Here is a list of the top 50 name combinations for twins as listed on verywell.com as at April 2017

Most Popular Twin Names for Girl/Girl Twins

1.Ella, Emma

2.Olivia, Sophia

3.Gabriella, Isabella

4.Faith, Hope

5.Ava, Emma

6.Isabella, Sophia

7.Madison, Morgan

8.Ava, Ella

9.Ava, Olivia

10.Mackenzie, Madison

11.Abigail, Isabella

12.Abigail, Emma

13.Hailey, Hannah

14.Makayla, Mackenzie

15.Addison, Avery

16.Elizabeth, Emily

17.Ava, Mia

18.Heaven, Nevaeh

19.Abigail, Emily

20.Emma, Olivia

21.London, Paris

22.Chloe, Claire

23.Mia, Mya

24.Anna, Emma

25.Arianna, Brianna

26.Isabella, Olivia

27.Abigail, Lillian

28.Addison, Ava

29.Emma, Isabella

30.Samantha, Sophia

31.Ella, Olivia

32.Emma, Hannah

33.Emma, Mia

34.Faith, Grace

35.Madison, Makenzie

36.Madison, Olivia

37.Abigail, Olivia

38.Annabella, Isabella

39.Chloe, Zoe

40.Elizabeth, Isabella

41.Elizabeth, Victoria

42.Jada, Jade

43.Julia, Sophia

44.Kayla, Kylie

45.Madison, Megan

46.Mia, Sophia

47.Natalie, Olivia

48.Paige, Payton

49.Serenity, Trinity

50.Valentina, Valeria

Most Popular Twin Names for Girl/Boy Twins

1.Madison, Mason

2.Emma, Ethan

3.Taylor, Tyler

4.Madison, Michael

5.Jayda, Jayden

6.Madison, Matthew

7.Samuel, Sophia

8.Addison, Aiden

9.Olivia, Owen

10.Zachary, Zoe

11.Addison, Jackson

12.Aiden, Ava

13.Emily, Ethan

14.Emma, Ryan

15.Isaac, Isabella

16.Natalie, Nathan

17.Abigail, Benjamin

18.Andrew, Emma

19.Isabella, Isaiah

20.Jada, Jaden

21.Brian, Brianna

22.Emma, Jack

23.Aiden, Emma

24.Eli, Ella

25.Jacob, Olivia

26.Lily, Logan

27.Michael, Michelle

28.Naomi, Noah

29.Abigail, Alexander

30.Abigail, Andrew

31.Brandon, Brianna

32.Chloe, Christian

33.Elizabeth, William

34.Emily, Matthew

35.Emma, Jacob

36.Emma, William

37.Jacob, Sarah

38.Lilly, Logan

39.Nicholas, Sophia

40.Noah, Sophia

41.Oliver, Olivia

42.Sophia, William

43.Abigail, Jacob

44.Addison, Austin

45.Alexander, Sophia

46.Ella, Jackson

47.Emma, Evan

48.Emma, James

49.Jayla, Jaylen

50.Zachary, Zoey

Most Popular Twin Names for Boy/Boy Twins

1.Jacob, Joshua

2.Ethan, Evan

3.Jayden, Jordan

4.Daniel, David

5.Matthew, Michael

6.Landon, Logan

7.Elijah, Isaiah

8.Jacob, Joseph

9.Jayden, Jaylen

10.Isaac, Isaiah

11.Caleb, Joshua

12.Andrew, Matthew

13.James, John

14.Alexander, Nicholas

15.Jeremiah, Josiah

16.Joseph, Joshua

17.Nathan, Nicholas

18.Jonathan, Joshua

19.Logan, Lucas

20.Ethan, Nathan

21.Aiden, Ethan

22.Jeremiah, Joshua

23.Alexander, Andrew

24.Alexander, Benjamin

25.Logan, Luke

26.Jacob, Lucas

27.Jonathan, Joseph

28.Nathan, Noah

29.Andrew, Anthony

30.Brandon, Bryan

31.Daniel, Michael

32.Daniel, Samuel

33.Isaiah, Jeremiah

34.Jaden, Jordan

35.Jayden, Kayden

36.John, Joseph

37.Matthew, Ryan

38.Aiden, Austin

39.Benjamin, Samuel

40.Christopher, Nicholas

41.Taylor, Tyler

42.Benjamin, William

43.Hayden, Hunter

44.Santiago, Sebastian

45.Alexander, Anthony

46.Alexander, William

47.Brandon, Brian

48.Carter, Cooper

49.Evan, Owen

50.Evan, Ryan

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