7 Ways to Choose the Perfect Names for your Twins

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Struggling to come up with the perfect names for your twins? It’s often hard enough to agree on a name for one baby – let alone twins! It gets even more challenging if you have decided to wait to find out the twins’ genders until they are born! You might want to have three combinations […]

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Struggling to come up with the perfect names for your twins? It’s often hard enough to agree on a name for one baby – let alone twins!

It gets even more challenging if you have decided to wait to find out the twins’ genders until they are born! You might want to have three combinations of names to choose from depending on what pops out.

When deciding on names for twins it can often be helpful to decide on one name you both love and then choose a complimentary name

Huffington Post outlines ways to choose baby names for twins that I thought was genius and a great place to begin if you are having trouble even starting down the thought process. They offer a range of options from the obvious to the very subtle.

Choose the Perfect Names for your Twins

Ways to come up with twin name combinations

By First Initial

The most obvious and popular way to name twins is by giving them the same first initial: Ella and Emma or Lilly and Logan. If you are looking for the easy option then this is by far your best choice. Choose your favorite name and then scroll down the list of names with the same first letter and draw up your shortlist – easy!

By Syllable or Sound

Less obvious than matching the first initial of the twin names are choosing two names with the same number of syllables or similar sounds. You might pick two one-syllable names such as Bea and Max, for example, or two names that share a middle or ending sound, such as Oliver and Everett or Aiden and Carson.

By Style

Style is a subtler way to link twin names and one which you can have a bit of fun and imagination with. You can make compatible pairs of classic names such as Jacob and Olivia or fashionable names like Madison and Jayden or unusual exotic names such as Santiago and Sebastian.

By Meaning

Meaning can be an interesting way to quietly link twin names. Some common name meanings offer a wide range of names to choose from. There are 440 names on Nameberry with a meaning that includes the word God, for instance, so you can find pairs that range from the fashionable Caleb and Amos to the sedate Elizabeth and Jane. More specialized meanings offer fewer options but a closer link: Aurelia and Cressida both mean gold, for example, while Ariel and Leo share a lion meaning.

By Origin

Names linked by origin can be quiet or more obvious. Many people would recognize that Duncan and Malcolm share a Scottish heritage, for instance, but fewer people would identify Blair and Cameron as sharing the same Scottish origin.

By Theme

You might choose names with a children’s book theme, such as Matilda and Alice, or two names with secret nature meanings, such as Yara (which means butterfly) and Paloma (dove). Other theme examples might be place names, surname-names, or names that relate to the sea.

By Popularity

Finding two names with similar standing on the popularity scale can be a simplified way to identify a compatible pair. These might be Top 50 favorite like Nathan and Isaac (which also share a Biblical theme and a Hebrew heritage) or a more unusual pair such as Freya and Lilia, side-by-side at Numbers 08 and 09.

You can ask in our Twins & More Facebook Group or in other twin groups to get some inspiration on what others have chosen. It’s a great way to get some new ideas that you may not have considered.

Needing some inspiration?

Here is a list of the top 275 name combinations for twins as listed on verywell.com as at April 2020

Names for twin girls

Most Popular Names for Twin Girls

  • Abigail and Emily
  • Abigail and Emma
  • Abigail and Isabella
  • Abigail and Lillian
  • Abigail and Olivia
  • Anna and Emma
  • Ava and Ella
  • Ava and Emma
  • Ava and Mia
  • Ava and Olivia
  • Elizabeth and Isabella
  • Elizabeth and Victoria
  • Ella and Olivia
  • Emma and Hannah
  • Emma and Isabella
  • Emma and Olivia
  • Faith and Grace
  • Faith and Hope
  • Heaven and Nevaeh
  • Isabella and Olivia
  • Isabella and Sophia
  • Julia and Sophia
  • London and Paris
  • Madison and Olivia
  • Olivia and Sophia

Rhyming Names for Twin Girls

  • Abby (Abigail) and Gabby (Gabrielle)
  • Addison and Madison
  • Amanda and Miranda
  • Annabella and Isabella
  • Arianna and Brianna
  • Bernice and Denise
  • Chloe and Zoe
  • Emma and Mia
  • Gabriella and Isabella
  • Jessa and Tessa
  • Kylie and Miley
  • Lily and Millie
  • Mia and Lea
  • Mia and Mya
  • Mia and Sophia
  • Natalie and Olivia
  • Nora and Cora
  • Sadie and Katie
  • Sara and Cara
  • Serenity and Trinity

Names That Start with the Same Letter

  • Addison and Ava
  • Addison and Avery
  • Amelie and Adrienne
  • Beatrice and Brooklyn
  • Bethany and Bridget
  • Callie and Cecilia
  • Charlotte and Claire
  • Chloe and Claire
  • Danielle and Devyn
  • Destiny and Dahlia
  • Eliza and Emerson
  • Elizabeth and Emily
  • Eleanor and Evie
  • Ella and Emma
  • Fiona and Fallyn
  • Flora and Felicity
  • Gretchen and Gwynne
  • Grace and Guilia
  • Hailey and Hannah
  • Indira and Ivy
  • Iris and Imani
  • Jada and Jade
  • Jade and Josie
  • Jocelyn and Jess
  • Kaylee and Kendra
  • Kayla and Kylie
  • Kellyn and Kira
  • Lauren and Leslie
  • Lily and Lana
  • Mackenzie and Madison
  • Madison and Megan
  • Madison and Morgan
  • Makayla and Mackenzie
  • Malisa and Meredith
  • Maya and Melody
  • Natalie and Nicole
  • Nadia and Nova
  • Odessa and Orchid
  • Olive and Ophelia
  • Paige and Payton
  • Paula and Peyton
  • Piper and Presley
  • Quinn and Quela
  • Rafaella and Reagan
  • Rose and Ruby
  • Samantha and Sophia
  • Savannah and Scarlett
  • Shawna and Suzie
  • Tabitha and Trista
  • Tatiana and Trinity
  • Uma and Ursula
  • Valentina and Valeria
  • Valentina and Violet
  • Vanna and Vivian
  • Wendy and Wyndham
  • Willow and Winona
  • Xabrina and Xandra
  • Yana and Yvonne

Names for Twin Boys

Most Popular Names for Twin Boys

  • Aiden and Ethan
  • Alexander and Benjamin
  • Alexander and Nicholas
  • Alexander and William
  • Benjamin and Samuel
  • Benjamin and William
  • Caleb and Joshua
  • Christopher and Nicholas
  • Daniel and Michael
  • Daniel and Samuel
  • Elijah and Isaiah
  • Ethan and Nathan
  • Evan and Owen
  • Evan and Ryan
  • Isaiah and Jeremiah
  • Jacob and Lucas
  • Matthew and Ryan

Rhyming Names for Twin Boys

  • Aiden and Caden
  • Barrett and Jarrett
  • Blake and Jake
  • Brandon and Landon
  • Brett and Rhett
  • Daniel and Nathaniel
  • Ian and Ryan
  • Jayden and Kayden
  • Jayden and Jaylen
  • Jayden and Jordan
  • Jeremiah and Josiah
  • John and Shaun
  • Miles and Niall
  • Taylor and Tyler

Names That Start with the Same Letter

  • Aiden and Austin
  • Alex and Alistair
  • Alexander and Andrew
  • Alexander and Anthony
  • Andrew and Anthony
  • Andrew and Ashton
  • Andrew and Matthew
  • Bailey and Bennett
  • Brandon and Brian
  • Brandon and Bryan
  • Braxton and Benjamin
  • Cale and Curtis
  • Calvin and Carl
  • Carter and Cooper
  • Daniel and David
  • Davis and Douglas
  • Dominic and Dylan
  • Eli and Emmett
  • Elliott and Eric
  • Ethan and Evan
  • Finn and Fisher
  • Franklin and Frederick
  • Garrett and Gregory
  • Gavin and Grant
  • Hank and Harvey
  • Henry and Hudson
  • Hayden and Hunter
  • Isaac and Isaiah
  • Isaac and Ian
  • Isaiah and Ivan
  • Jace and Joel
  • Jacob and Joseph
  • Jacob and Joshua
  • James and John
  • James and Joshua
  • Jeremiah and Joshua
  • John and Joseph
  • Jonathan and Joseph
  • Jonathan and Joshua
  • Joseph and Joshua
  • Kai and Kaleb
  • Kenton and Kyle
  • Landon and Logan
  • Langdon and Luis
  • Liam and Lucas
  • Logan and Lucas
  • Logan and Luke
  • Marcus and Mason
  • Matthew and Michael
  • Max and Michael
  • Nathan and Nicholas
  • Nathan and Noah
  • Neil and Nicholas
  • Paul and Phoenix
  • Peter and Philip
  • Quad and Quentin
  • Ramsey and Rory
  • River and Ryder
  • Sampson and Stewart
  • Samuel and Steven
  • Santiago and Sebastian
  • Thomas and Turner
  • Tucker and Tyson
  • Umberto and Uri
  • Vance and Victor
  • Vaughn and Vincent
  • Walter and Willard
  • Warren and Wyatt
  • Xander and Xavier
  • Yancey and York
  • Zach and Zebediah
  • Zayne and Zeke

Names for Boy/Girl Twins

Most Popular Names for Boy/Girl Twins

  • Abigail and Benjamin
  • Abigail and Jacob
  • Addison and Jackson
  • Aiden and Emma
  • Alexander and Sophia
  • Andrew and Emma
  • Annabelle and Leonard
  • Cameron and Matthew
  • Charlotte and Mark
  • Dorothy and Jack
  • Elizabeth and William
  • Ella and Jackson
  • Emily and Matthew
  • Emma and Jack
  • Emma and Jacob
  • Emma and James
  • Emma and Ryan
  • Emma and William
  • Erica and Jonathan
  • Jacob and Olivia
  • Jacob and Sarah
  • Lucille and Hudson
  • Molly and Oliver
  • Nicholas and Sophia
  • Noah and Sophia
  • Samantha and Jake
  • Sophia and William

Rhyming Names for Boy/Girl Twins

  • Tate and Kate
  • Tristan and Kristen
  • Bensen and Jensen
  • Wylie and Riley
  • Hudson and Judson
  • Dylan and Gillian
  • Samuel (Sam) and Pamela (Pam)
  • Finn and Quinn
  • Wilson and Allison
  • Brendon and Glyndon

Names That Start With the Same Letter

  • Abigail and Alexander
  • Abigail and Andrew
  • Addison and Aiden
  • Addison and Austin
  • Aiden and Ava
  • Brandon and Brianna
  • Brian and Brianna
  • Chloe and Christian
  • Delaney and Dylan
  • Eli and Ella
  • Elise and Elijah
  • Emily and Ethan
  • Emma and Ethan
  • Emma and Evan
  • Isaac and Isabella
  • Isabella and Isaiah
  • Jada and Jaden
  • Jayda and Jayden
  • Jayla and Jaylen
  • Lily (Lilly) and Logan
  • Lily and Lyle
  • Madison and Mason
  • Madison and Matthew
  • Madison and Michael
  • Michael and Michelle
  • Naomi and Noah
  • Natalie and Nathan
  • Oliver and Olivia
  • Olivia and Owen
  • Samuel and Sophia
  • Taylor and Tyler
  • Zachary and Zoe (Zoey)
7 Ways to Choose the Perfect Names for your Twins

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