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8 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

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by | Last updated Aug 5, 2020 | Published on Aug 4, 2020

Are you 8 weeks pregnant with twins? Read on to discover how your babies are developing this week and how big they are now. Learn about some of the twin pregnancy symptoms you might need to look out for. And find out what other twin mama's are generally thinking about at this stage of pregnancy. And don't forget to sign up to get an email reminder to come back for your next twin pregnancy update.

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Wow, how are you feeling mama to be? You must have just discovered you are pregnant and as if that wasn’t exciting enough, it’s TWINS! Congratulations!

At 8 weeks pregnant with twins, you should just focus on taking a breath and getting used to the idea that your family is going to grow a little larger than you had probably anticipated. 

For some it can be a very emotional time. Not only are you dealing with double the hormones, you’ve just been dealt quite a shock that can take a few weeks or even months to sink in.

Just be kind to yourself and go with however you are feeling knowing that it is completely normal and understandable.

Read on to find out what those teeny twins of yours are up to this month.


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How are you feeling Mama?

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms

With twins, you’re likely to experience higher levels of pregnancy symptoms than mothers of singletons.  You might be experiencing morning sickness, a decreased libido, bleeding gums, an increased heart rate and let’s not forget the cravings.  Sorry to break this to you, they’re all perfectly normal feelings during pregnancy so you’re not alone!

What are your twins up to this month?

Your Twins Height & Weight

By week 8, each twin is around 1.5cms long and weighs around 1 gram. Over the next four weeks your delicious duo will more than double in size growing to the size of a lime each.

Your Twins Foetal Development

Your babies limbs and kidneys are developing quickly and they are starting to resemble a little human.  Their finger buds are beginning to separate and those cute little toes you will soon find so adorable are now forming.  

Their little hearts are furiously beating and they are staring to make little spontaneous movements as their bones, muscles and joints start to develop.

Check out the amazing journey your babies are about to embark on as they grow from embryo to their birth day in A Fascinating Look at Twins, Triplets and Quads in the Womb.

What you might be wondering about this month

Before you go into a panic about all the things you will need to prepare and purchase for your twins, just take a few weeks to get used to the idea that you are having twins.

It can be an emotional time as you prepare yourself for the journey ahead of you, so just go with your emotions and know that your fears and excitement are all normal.

Your Twin Pregnancy maternity care

One of the first things you should do is have a think about your maternity care and what options are available and best for you. Having twins automatically places you into a ‘high risk pregnancy’ category so your Doctor or midwife MUST recommend that you seek the care of an obstetrician either privately or through your local hospital.

READ MORE: Choosing Your Twin Pregnancy Care Team.

Your maternity care plan with twins

The plan that your Pregnancy Care Team will put together for your will depend on what type of twins you are having so it is a good idea to read up on the various types so you know what to expect.

Did you know…. there are officially 11 different types of twins!

You will hopefully be able to find out what type of twins you have fairly early on in your pregnancy, however it is sometimes difficult to view the thin membranes that separate your babies during scans so it can change as your babies grow. 

READ MORE: Twin Types – Did you know there are ELEVEN.

Many health services around the world follow the guidelines set by NICE in terms of the expected level of care during a twin pregnancy.

It is so important that you ask for a second opinion if you feel that the care plan that has been put together for you does not resemble these guidelines.

You should expect a similar plan in terms of the number of appointments, tests and frequency of scans so talk to your pregnancy care team about it if you have any concerns.

Remember you are your babies advocate and you need to ensure you are getting the best possible care for you and your babies.

Looking after you + two

If you haven’t already, now is a good time to read up on your nutritional and supplement needs during your pregnancy.

You are now growing two little bodies plus looking after your own body too and it will be under a huge pressure over the next seven months so you will need to take care of yourself.

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When should I tell people I’m pregnant with twins?

It’s such exciting news and you are bursting to share it with the world.

Our advice? Share your exciting news only if you would feel equally as ok with telling them that something has gone wrong.

I hope you have found this month’s Twin Pregnancy guide informative and helpful.

I look forward to catching up again when you are around 12 weeks!

Take care and much love.

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8 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

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