How is the Twin Z Pillow different from other twin breastfeeding pillows?

Breastfeeding Twins

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So, you’ve decided to breastfeed your babies. It’s almost a given with one baby, so why not with two? I’m guessing you may have already spent a few hours browsing the internet, searching for information on twin breastfeeding pillows so your head may be spinning with information overload. I don’t want to add to your […]

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So, you’ve decided to breastfeed your babies. It’s almost a given with one baby, so why not with two?

I’m guessing you may have already spent a few hours browsing the internet, searching for information on twin breastfeeding pillows so your head may be spinning with information overload.

I don’t want to add to your confusion, so I am going to share with you a few facts that will hopefully bring you some clarity in your search for the ultimate feeding pillow to help give you the best chance at successfully tandem feeding your twins.

As a twin mum who successfully fed her babies for 2.5 years (after a VERY stressful and bumpy start), I understand what you are looking for in a pillow.

– You need it to be great quality

– Manufactured by a trustworthy supplier from quality, tested, safe materials
– Will last the distance (no matter how long you decide to feed for).
– It needs to be multi-functional to cover you for breast and bottle feeding as most of you will probably add a bottle or two in at some point.
– And you want it in super fun colours/designs

So, here is why I know you, like thousands of other twin mums around the world, will love the Twin Z Pillow.

Twin Z Pillow Materials

The Twin Z Pillow is made entirely in the United States.

The filling is made from a synthetic fiber which is both flame resistant and insect resistant so no flame retardant additives are required. Many other breastfeeding pillows on the market are made from polyurethane foam which is flammable and therefore requires a flame retardant chemical to be added.

The covers are made from a super soft and snuggly polyester fabric – you have to feel it to believe how amazing they feel. They are easily removed from the Twin Z Pillow and can be thrown into the washing machine and dryer for a quick turnaround time.

Twin Z Pillow Design

The Twin Z Pillow has a unique design in that it is one simple piece with no detachable parts (even the back support pillow is attached).

The pillow itself has soft, rounded edges that will allow you to position your babies tilted in towards your breast, which is how they should be positioned for comfortable and effective latching.

The all-in-one back support ensures that mom’s posture and comfort are maintained while feeding and helps prevent slouching or leaning over your babies to feed them which can cause severe neck and back pain.

The attached buckle keeps the pillow firmly in place around you while you are feeding your babies. Once you have finished breastfeeding you can lay the pillow flat on the floor and use the clip to help provide a super snuggly place for your tiny babies to rest after their feed.

This pillow is large, but that gives it its longevity enabling you to tandem feed your twins for longer.

The pillow covers are fastened using Velcro so there are no zips that could scratch or dig in. It also eliminates any concerns about lead.

How to use your Twin Z Pillow

The Twin Z Pillow is also unique for the many uses it has.

As parents of twins, we have to make every product earn its position on our shopping list and with 6 different uses in this one product the Twin Z pillow will definitely earn its keep – it’s not just a breastfeeding pillow.

1. Breastfeeding Twins

As a mum of newborn twins, you can spend up to 12 hours a day feeding your babies if you feed them one at a time. It’s why many midwives and lactations consultants will encourage you to learn how to tandem feed your twins.

Feeding your babies at the same time can save you a massive 6 hours a day which can be used to catch up on some very valuable sleep.

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The innovative design of the Twin Z Pillow makes breastfeeding your twins a breeze – especially if you are recovering from a c-section.

As this pillow wraps behind mum’s back, there is very little pressure applied to your sensitive post-c-section scar.
The built-in back support ensures you maintain good posture while feeding your babies.

How to use:

Place the middle leg of the Twin Z Pillow behind your back, wrap the two ends around and buckle them in front. Adjust the buckle as needed. The middle leg provides firm back support. The back can rest on a bed or couch to provide maximum support. The sides have a large, firm, slanted surface area to nurse your twins.

2. Bottlefeeding Twins

Bottle feeding two babies at a time is the ultimate way to help save you time.

With the Twin Z Pillow, you can either bottle-feed babies with the pillow wrapped around you, or you can place it on a flat supportive surface and place babies in each arch so they are propped up and well supported.

For small babies, fasten the clip together over the top of the middle leg, so it makes each arch smaller and more snug for your teeny twins.

3. Twin Tummy Time

Many babies don’t like being placed on a hard floor for tummy time, so you can use your Twin Z Pillow, with its unique rounded edges, to help support their tummies while enjoying taking in the world around them. Again, you can fasten the clip together to provide a more supportive space for smaller babies.

4. Support

Your Twin Z Pillow will become like your second pair of hands as you will know they are comfortable, safe and supported. You can place one baby in the pillow while you are changing the other, during nappy change time, at bath time… the uses are endless!

As a mama of twins you always have to think “what do I do with the other one?” well now you know! Just put him/her in the Twin Z Pillow!

The Twin Z Pillow is also great support for when your babies are learning to sit. Just prop them up with the pillow buckle undone and they will be well supported yet will still have the chance to practice using those tummy and tushy muscles to sit by themselves.

5. Infant Reflux

Babies who suffer from reflux are best kept in an upright position after each feed to help keep all those tummy acids in the right place. Your Twin Z Pillow will provide a great post brekkie/lunch/dinner/snack resting place to help all that milk stay where it needs to be and keep your little munchkin(s) more comfortable and happy. Happy Babies = Happy Mama.

6. Twin Pregnancy Pillow

Your babies aren’t the only ones who can enjoy the Twin Z Pillow. As your baby belly grows to a size you NEVER thought possible, the Twin Z Pillow can help keep you comfortable enough to get some valuable sleep.

Can’t wait to try it yourself? Go to our product page to purchase your very own Twin Z

Important Safety Message

Never allow a baby to sleep on the support pillow. Pillow may be a possible suffocation hazard. Please do not use in cots, bassinets, playpens, or beds. There should ALWAYS be an adult present when the pillow is in use. Please do not leave baby/babies unattended. Improper use of this product could result in serious injury or death.

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