How the Twin Z Pillow was Born

Breastfeeding Your Twins

It was after the birth of her twin girls that Michelle Barsosky, creator of the Twin Z Nursing Pillow, realized that even after months of planning and getting prepared for her girls arrival there were so many things she was still unprepared for.

After her babies were born, she sent her husband out on many quick dashes to the supermarket for more and more nappies, wipes and onesies.

She also started to realise just how hard it was to feed two babies at once. She had a twin breastfeeding pillow, but it just didn’t conform to her body or position her babies at the right height or angle to get comfortable.

She then tried bed pillows to see if that would work any better to get everyone in a comfortable and supported position, but that just caused Michelle severe neck and back pain from having to lean over to get to the right level for her babies.

Michelle was also pumping so her husband could help with bottle feeding. But, when he was trying to feed them, he had to hold both bottles straight out from his body while they sat up in the bouncy chairs. It was the only way they could make it work. Their girls were pretty tiny and liked to be upright after their feeds rather than more flat on a boppy pillow.

It was at this point that Michelle realized that there had to be something out there that was better for parents of twins!

She searched and searched the internet and found nothing. So, she decided to make a pillow that had all the features she wanted.

A pillow that she could breastfeed comfortably and happily in. She could finally look forward to breastfeeding time, rather than dread the neck and back pain it would cause.

A pillow that was one piece that her babies could spend some bonding time together in.

A pillow that had substance to it, so it could be used to prop up her babies after their feeds and take in the world around them while their little tummies digested their milk.

It also had to be great quality and would last well after she decided to finish breastfeeding.

And so the Twin Z Pillow was born.

Want to learn more? Read how the Twin Z Pillow is different to other twin feeding pillows on the market.

Or if you can’t wait to try it yourself go to our product page to purchase your very own Twin Z

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