MiniMonkey Minichair Twin Bundle


Are you a parent of twins looking for a hassle-free solution to dining out or keeping your little ones safe and entertained while on the move? Meet your new best friend – the Mini Chair!

  • Transform any chair into a secure child seat in one minute
  • Bundle includes TWO portable child seats for parents of twins
  • Machine washable
  • 100% cotton
  • Use from 6 months
  • Available in 8 colors

MiniMonkey Minichair

MiniMonkey Minichair

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Product Description

Introducing the Mini Chair: Compact, Quick, and Doubly Convenient!

Designed with busy parents in mind, the Mini Chair is a versatile ‘harness’ that effortlessly transforms any chair into a secure child seat in just one minute. Imagine the convenience of having two portable child seats ready to go whenever and wherever you need them!

Whether you’re grabbing a bite at a restaurant, visiting friends, or enjoying a family outing, the Mini Chair fits snugly into your diaper bag, ensuring you’re always prepared. With two Mini Chairs at your disposal, feeding time or playtime becomes a breeze for both your little ones, allowing them to join in the fun while staying safe and secure.

But the convenience doesn’t stop there! The Mini Chair isn’t just limited to chairs; it adapts to various situations, making it the ultimate parenting essential for parents of twins. From shopping trolleys to airplane seats, camping sites to wheelchairs, and even walkers, the Mini Chair offers endless possibilities for keeping your dynamic duo comfortable and secure wherever life takes you.

Say goodbye to bulky high chairs and hello to compact convenience with the Mini Chair – the must-have companion for parents of twins on the go!


Watch how easy it is to use:



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