My Brest Friend Twin Nursing Pillow


Breastfeeding twins can seem like something that is both wonderful and daunting, yet armed with some helpful breastfeeding tips and tools like the My Brest Friend Twin Nursing Pillow, you will soon find yourself tandem breastfeeding your babies like a pro.

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Product Description

There are many reasons to consider tandem breastfeeding your twins:

Breastfeeding two babies at a time is usually faster than breastfeeding one baby after the other. Time-saving strategies are crucial when feeding two babies. Especially when they are newborns and you will be feeding them 8-12 times a day.

Research has demonstrated that mothers of twins who breastfeed simultaneously have a higher prolactin level. Prolactin is the key hormone responsible for signaling milk production.

It can also be difficult to bottle feed two babies at a time. But with the help of the My Brest Friend Twins Nursing Pillow, both babies can receive your attention at once.


My Brest Friend Twins Nursing Pillow Features

FEEL THE SUPPORT: Encourages better posture during breastfeeding, alleviating strain in your back, neck, and arms

ALLOWS FOR TANDEM NURSING: Large design is big enough to comfortably support both twins during breastfeeding. Dust-free, Scratch Proof and Anti-reflective

CONVENIENT POCKET: Handy pouch keeps your maternity supplies within easy reach

WRAP AROUND DESIGN: Adjusts to fit most sizes, My Brest Friend surrounds your body securely, for the ideal position, providing the best support for mom and babies

PREFERRED BY THE PROS: My Brest Friend is proud to be the top choice of lactation consultants and birthing hospitals

EASY CARE: Easy to wash, baby soft, plush zip off breastfeeding pillow cover


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