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As a parent of twins, you are always on the lookout for products that can help make life easier. The Twingo Carrier is one such product!

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You may have heard of the Twingo carrier, but perhaps you are not sure what it is or how to use it. You might be wondering if it’s worth the price. Well, we’re here to answer all of your questions and more!

The Twingo carriers are a popular twin baby carrier range that can be used as a tandem front/back carrier or as two single carriers – making them one of the most versatile carriers around.

This guide will break down everything you need to know about these best-selling twin carriers.

The benefits of baby-wearing twins are well documented;  not only for the emotional benefits of the baby, but the benefits to mom are also huge.

So why as mama’s of twins, should we miss out on being able to baby-wear our twins?

With the Twingo Carrier, it is possible!

Why you’ll fall in LOVE with your Twingo Carrier

♥ Rediscover your freedom by being able to leave the house without a huge twin stroller. School runs or quick trips to the store will be possible again!

♥ Keep both babies close while still having your hands free to carry on with the multitude of other tasks you need to get done in your day.

♥ Enjoy those treasured family outings comfortably by carrying both of your twins, plus nappies and other items you need, hands-free, without hurting your back or risking the safety of your babies.

♥ Ditch the mommy guilt by not having to choose which baby to cuddle during the dreaded witching hour.

Twingo Twin Baby Carrier babies sleeping 800 x 900 min | Twingo Carrier | Twins & More Co


♥  Your Twingo carrier can be used as a tandem carrier or as two separate carriers.

♥  Suitable from newborn (with infant insert accessory) to 20kgs per baby.

♥  Makes running errands with twins a breeze – ditch the huge twin stroller.

♥  Less expensive and more functional than purchasing two single baby carriers.

♥  Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort – for both babies and parents.

♥  Fully adjustable for a custom fit.

♥  Super handy pockets to fit all your on-the-go essentials – diapers, wallet, phone.

Your Twingo Carrier Questions… Answered

Is it possible to put both babies in the carrier on your own with no extra help?

Yes of course! Watch the video below to see how easy it is to get your twins into the carrier. With a bit of practice, you will become a pro.

Can the baby in front be carried forward facing?

The Twingo Carrier is designed to carry inward-facing. It is not recommended to forward carry your babies as it puts undue pressure on their developing hips. You can read more about baby’s hip development.

What are the advantages of a Twingo Carrier over purchasing two separate carriers (eg Ergobaby, Baby Bjorn)?

The biggest advantage of the Twingo Carrier is that you only have one set of shoulder and hip straps. Trying to wear two individual carriers creates a lot of extra bulk and can get uncomfortable on your shoulders and restrict your movement. The Twingo Carrier is quicker to get babies in and out as it is all set up and ready to go.

You will also find the Twingo is much more economical than purchasing two separate carriers.

Is the Twingo Carrier suitable for newborns?

You can use the Twingo Carrier once your babies are 3kgs each but you will need to purchase the infant inserts which will give them the extra height and support they will require until they are old enough to hold their head steady. It is essential that babies under four months old are worn in a single front carry position only. They should NOT be worn on the adult’s back.

My twins are 11 months old and nearly 10kgs each. Is it really possible to use the Twingo or will they be too heavy?

The Twingo is designed to carry up to 32kgs combined weight when used in the tandem carry mode or 20kgs in the single carry mode. The straps are designed for maximum comfort and many mums use their Twingo’s well into their second or even third year. You probably won’t want to carry them for hours on a hike, but short trips to the store or school pickup will be more than doable.

Why is the Twingo more expensive than some of the other Twin Carriers available?

The Twingo can be used as a single or tandem carrier and is made of the highest quality materials to ensure maximum comfort and safety for you and your babies. The quality of the materials also means you will get longevity out of your carrier and its re-sale value will be much higher.

Twingo Twin Baby Carrier Family image 800 x 954 min | Twingo Carrier | Twins & More Co

WATCH HOW EASY IT IS to use a twingo

Discover how easy it is to put both babies into the carrier and get out the door within minutes. It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


Base Carrier: The base carrier has a permanent set of shoulder straps. When in tandem mode, this carrier is worn on the adult’s back. When in single-child mode, this carrier can be worn on the adult’s front or back.

Attachment Carrier: This carrier has a set of removable shoulder straps. When in tandem mode, the shoulder straps are removed, the carrier is worn on the adult’s front and attached to the shoulder straps of the Base Carrier. When in single-child mode, the shoulder straps are added to the carrier and worn on the adult’s front, back or hip.

Sleep Hood: The sleep hoods included with this bundle have three purposes:

  • To support a sleeping baby’s head in an upright ergonomic position
  • To provide shade from the sun or privacy while breastfeeding
  • To provide added head/neck support to a newborn.


Twingo Twin Baby Carrier Twin Carry 400 x 600 min | Twingo Carrier | Twins & More Co
Use as a tandem carrier
Twingo Twin Baby Carrier Single Carriers Front Carry 400 x 600 min | Twingo Carrier | Twins & More Co
Use as two carriers (front carry)
Twingo Twin Baby Carrier Single Carriers Rear Carry 400 x 600 min | Twingo Carrier | Twins & More Co
Use as two carriers (rear carry)
Twingo Twin Baby Carrier Single Hip Carry 400 x 600 min | Twingo Carrier | Twins & More Co
Single Hip Carrier


Discover what other twin moms are saying about the Twingo Carrier and the impact it has had on their daily lives.

I love the fact that I can go on walks and be so close to my babies and wear them both at the same time – my hands are free too. The TwinGo distributes the weight evenly between my 8 month old girls so it’s pretty comfy. I really love this product.


I love it. It’s really comfortable and great for school pick up in the rain. I can carry twins, hold my 3 yr olds hand and also an umbrella. I find it easy to get them in and out by myself. The hoods are great for keeping them covered and encouraging sleep as well. I think its more comfortable than when I carried one in a single carrier – and my boys are big! (9kg and 10kg at 8 months)


I really like our Twingo. It is really easy to get on and off – though getting the back baby on takes a few times to get the knack.
It is a lifesaver for grizzly evenings – usually guaranteed sleep or at least chill time!
Back and front babies both seem comfy – my babies are 7 months.
Is also super useful that it can be used as two carriers for when out with my husband.
Re the price; they should hold their value so you can sell it for good money when finished with it.


Twingo Twin Baby Carrier 800 x 1128 min | Twingo Carrier | Twins & More Co


  • Safety Feature: Dual-adjust buckles with back-up Safety Elastic Loops
  • Waistband: 56cm-140cm as a single carrier; 66cm-279cm as dual carrier; 6 waistband configurations
  • Shoulder Straps: 44.5cm-108cm to accommodate petite and large frames
  • Minimum Weight: 4.5kgs as a single carrier; 3kgs-4.5kgs with Infant Insert
  • Maximum Weight: 20kgs as a single carrier; 32kgs combined as a dual carrier
  • Fabric:  100% soft black/grey exterior fabric; extra soft blue/green & orange/yellow interior fabric
  • Manual: User-friendly instructions listing all carry positions and accessory uses
  • Product Box Dimensions: 20 x 24 x 25cm
  • Item Weight: 1.65kgs

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