Twingo Carrier – Original


Twin parents, have you been looking for a twin baby carrier that can hold both your babies at the same time?

We know you’re busy. You have two babies to take care of and a life to live!

The Twingo Carrier Original is the perfect solution for twin parents who want to keep their hands free while they’re out and about with their little ones. It’s easy-to-use, comfortable, and can be used as a tandem carrier in front/back carry or separated into two carriers – one for each parent.

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Product Description

The TwinGo Carrier Original twin baby carrier is a great option for parents of twins or two children of different ages!

You will have the ability to carry two children simultaneously or divide the TwinGo so both mom and dad can each carry one child!

Plus, our ergonomic inward-facing position is healthy for your baby’s hip development and enables you to comfortably carry the added weight of two.

The Twingo Carrier Original is lightweight (less than 2 lbs), so it’s easy to bring along on your adventures with your twins.

It folds up compactly so you can store it easily when not in use. PLUS, it has large pockets on each carrier to store everything you need for your day out.

The pockets are just the right size to fit your diapering and on-the-go essentials but not too big to impact the comfort of the child or the balance of the adult.

The pockets also serve as a clever reversible storage compartment!

You will easily use this carrier for twins for many months as your babies grow. It has been tested up to 45lbs each baby so that you can wear it well into toddlerhood.


Features of the Twingo Carrier Original:

Twingo Base Carrier: This carrier has a blue or green interior and a permanent set of shoulder straps. When in tandem mode, this carrier is worn on the adult’s back. When in single-child mode, this carrier can be worn on the adult’s front or back.

Twingo Attachment Carrier: This carrier has an orange or yellow interior and a set of removable shoulder straps, included with this bundle. When in tandem mode, the shoulder straps are removed, the carrier is worn on the adult’s front and attached to the shoulder straps of the Base Carrier. When in single-child mode, the shoulder straps are added to the carrier and worn on the adult’s front, back or hip.

Twingo Sleep Hoods: The blue/green and orange/yellow sleep hoods included with this bundle have three purposes:

  • To support a sleeping baby’s head in an upright ergonomic position (without a hood, the baby’s head will flop backward in an uncomfortable position),
  • To provide shade from the sun or privacy while breastfeeding, and
  • To provide 2.5″ of added head/neck support to a newborn when rolled and tucked behind the baby’s neck.

Ergonomic design: a 100% cotton exterior provides comfort for both parent and babies.

Compact: each carrier collapses into its own pocket, making it perfect for travel.


What you get with this Twingo Carrier Original Bundle:

  • TwinGo Carrier Original (1 Base Carrier with blue/green interior & 1 Attachment Carrier with orange/yellow interior)
  • Two TwinGo Sleep Hoods (1 blue/green, 1 orange/yellow)
  • One removable set of Attachment Shoulder Straps


Why you need the Twingo Carrier:

  • Economical: This affordable system is less expensive and more functional than purchasing two separate carriers.
  • Versatile: Can be used by one parent as a tandem twin carrier or used by both as a single carrier. It also works for both twins and children of varied sizes.
  • Comfortable: An ergonomic design with a 100% cotton exterior provides comfort for both you and your babies.
  • Adjustable: The waist and shoulder straps allow for a custom fit for adults 4’11” to 6’5.” Can accommodate children between 10lbs-45lbs, and as small as 7lbs with the TwinGo Infant Insert.
  • Compact: The entire carrier collapses into its own pocket, making this perfect for travel.


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