Twins First Year Memory Book


This beautiful twins’ first year memory book makes a wonderful twin baby shower gift. A gorgeous baby keepsake journal to cherish your twins’ first year forever!

Three versions of the journal to choose from:

  • Two Baby Boys
  • Two Baby Girls
  • One Boy, One Girl
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Product Description

Finding out that you’re expecting twins may come as a bit of a shock, but it is a great blessing to have! Created by Unconditional Rosie – the first baby memory book designed specifically for parents expecting twins.


Perfect gift for expecting parents of twins

New parents are guided through the newborn’s first year, including first experiences and holidays. This scrapbook is the perfect gift for new parents looking to document their twin’s early days. Thrill them with this unique & thoughtful gift for their babies!


Record special memories

  • This is our story, Mom & Daddy,
  • Family Tree, Getting Ready, Birth Certificates,
  • Hospital Bracelets, Baby Prints, Doctor Visits,
  • Immunisations, Monthly Memorabilia,
  • Dental Records, Birthdays, Holidays,
  • Early School Days, Moments,
  • Travels, Letters From Mom & Dad,

and MUCH more on 40 beautiful pages.


Every aspect of the perfect twin baby memory book is covered

  • New parents are guided through the newborns first year, including first experiences and first holidays.
  • This baby memory book has dozens of beautifully illustrated pages. You will love it!
  • A baby book designed specifically for mothers expecting twin babies.
  • It is hardcover, 8X8 inches and includes three sheets of high-quality stickers.
  • Customize your journal in a unique way!
  • Printed on thick high-quality ink absorbent paper.


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