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Do you have twins or siblings born quite close together? Then this Tandem Baby Carrier is a lifesaver! With this baby carrier, you can carry one baby on the back and one baby in the front at the same time.

The Tandem Baby Carrier consists of two single baby carriers, which you can connect together using the supplied connectors. Both baby carriers can be used as a ‘single’ front and/or back baby carrier. Handy if you also want to carry only one baby occasionally.

  • 1+1 = tandem!: These two compatible carriers can be connected to each other to create a tandem carrier.
  • Versatile: Both carriers can be used independently, either on the front or on the back.
  • Unique: One carrier has removable shoulder straps that can easily be attached to the other carrier to create a tandem carrier.

Carriers can be used from newborn to around two years (33 pounds/15kgs each carrier); however, please see below about tandem-carrying newborns.

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Product Description

The Tandem Baby Carrier consists of two single baby carriers, which you can connect using the supplied connectors to create one front/back twin baby carrier.

Both baby carriers can also be used as a ‘single’ front and/or back baby carrier, which is handy if you want to carry only one baby occasionally.

The two baby carriers are almost identical, with one big difference: You can remove the shoulder straps on one of the carriers and easily attach it to the shoulder straps of the other carrier, creating a front/back twin baby carrier for getting out and about with your twins.

What’s included

The tandem baby carrier is a combination of the following three products and will be delivered as a total package with instructions:
  1. Baby Carrier I – is a standard Minimonkey Baby Carrier with fixed shoulder straps. When a tandem baby is being carried, this baby carrier is used on your back. The shoulder straps have an attachment for the connectors.
  2. Baby Carrier II – with removable shoulder straps. When tandem babywearing, the shoulder straps of this carrier are removed, and the front panel is attached to the shoulder straps of Baby Carrier I. Baby Carrier II is used on the front.
  3. 1 x pair of connectors to connect the two individual baby carriers to create your tandem baby carrier.

A note about tandem carrying newborn twins

Although both baby carriers are suitable for carrying newborn babies, you can only use a TANDEM carrier when the baby on the back can sit independently. If you want to do this earlier, get good advice from a baby-wearing consultant who specializes in back carrying with a newborn or younger baby. If you would prefer to carry newborn twins together, we recommend looking at a MiniMonkey Twin Carrier or a Weego Twin Carrier.


How to use the MiniMonkey Tandem Carrier


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