Weego Twin Carrier


Trust us when we say the Weego Twin Carrier is a “must” for any new twin parents.

Treat yourself or a new mama you know to the Weego Twin Baby Carrier and it will bring months of peaceful bliss to both mama and babies alike.

If there is one product that EVERY parent of twins needs – it’s a Weego Twin Carrier: The ultimate carrier for your newborn twins.

The Weego TWIN has been deemed a “lifesaver” by many a new twin parent, and that is absolutely what it is - a lifesaver.

One of the greatest challenges with newborn twins is being able to nurture and comfort them BOTH during the precious first months or 'fourth trimester' as it is often referred to.

Newborn babies require a lot of comfort and close time with their mama and being snuggled close to your heart is where they feel the most settled and comforted.

Being out in the world can be an overwhelming place for newborns and with one baby it is easy to attend to their every need. But how on earth can you manage to comfort TWO babies - especially if they both need you at the same time?

The challenge becomes even greater if your babies make their appearance into the world earlier than planned, and for new twin mamas, this challenge can be at times utterly overwhelming.


Weego Twin Carrier Mom Carrying Twins at Beach


What you will LOVE about the Weego Twin Baby Carrier

  • Perfect for mamas with newborn or premature twins who want to be able to wear their babies for close bonding and nurturing.
  • Babies get to spend time in their favorite place – close to your heart - for the ultimate in comfort and settling – especially during the crazy witching hour.
  • The individual pouches help replicate how babies were in the womb – the same movement, sounds, and cocooned feeling.
  • Getting out to meet friends or just going for a walk becomes easy, as your babies can snuggle and sleep in their favorite place (on you) while you get out and enjoy some fresh air without having to push a huge twin stroller around.
  • The carrier is specifically designed for newborn twins from birth to around 5-6 months and it’s also suitable for premature babies from 4 lb (1.800 g)
  • Great for reflux or colicky babies as it keeps them in an upright position making it more comfortable for windy tummies.
  • It ensures your baby's hips maintain the healthy ‘M’ or frog position and their backs and necks are well supported.
  • Babies can stay in the Weego Twin carrier and be transferred to someone else.
  • The carrier is easy to put on, comfortable to wear, and easily adjustable.
  • Its unique double-pouch design for total safety, comfort, and size flexibility


Weego Twin Baby Carrier


Caring for newborn twins is not easy and it will feel like you spend a lot of time comforting and settling them. That’s why it makes sense to ‘wear’ your twins as much as possible during the first few months.

And the benefits of babywearing are well researched. Not only can it help with bonding, which can often be more difficult when you have multiple babies to care for, it can also help with breastfeeding by creating closeness with your babies and supporting let-down reflexes and milk production.


Why choose a Weego Twin Carrier?

As the Weego TWIN Baby Carrier is designed for use with newborn twins, your babies will feel totally supported and safe as you get on with your day - running errands, catching up with friends, or just going for a walk at the local park or beach to get some well-deserved sunshine and fresh air.

The movement your babies were accustomed to in the womb is exactly how they will feel in the Weego carrier – warm, familiar, snuggly, and safe - just what your precious newborn twins crave.


Nurturing Baby Twins in a Weego Twin Carrier


Weego Twin Use and Weight

The Weego Twin Baby Carrier can be used from birth - 4lbs or 1.8kgs - until they are around 5-6 months old or a maximum of 16.5lbs or 7.5kgs each (total weight of 33lbs or 15kgs). After this time, they should be transitioned to another carrier such as the MiniMonkey Twin Carrier or a TwinGo Twin Carrier.


The Unique Weego Twin Carrier Double Pouch Design

The Weego Twin Carrier features an inner and outer pouch for each baby. This specially designed double pouch construction of the Weego TWIN Baby Carrier ensures the essential "frog-like-position" or “M shape” that your babies legs and hips should maintain in order not to put undue pressure on their developing hip joints and ligaments that could cause hip problems later.

The inner pouch is designed to support the baby's back and holds baby close to you

The outer pouch supports the baby's head and neck and helps keep them warm and protected.

Their little bottoms should always be lower than their knees when being carried to ensure healthy hips as outlined by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.


Weego Twin Carrier Inner Pouch and clip system

Adjustable and Flexible

The Weego Twin Carrier features easily adjustable straps and buckles and adapts in no time to different users.

You can put the babies in the Weego TWIN carrier in no time and without any help. You can even pass your babies to another person without removal from the carrier.

The carrier is also designed to grow with your babies as you can adjust the height of the inner pouch as your babies grow.


The Twin Weego - Superior Quality

All fabrics used in this product are manufactured and approved in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 for baby products including the YKK ® zippers, buttons, and snaps.

The Navy Blue and Black carriers are made from brushed cotton twill with cotton lining. The Seersucker carriers are made of a thin seersucker fabric consisting of 65% Cotton and 35% Polyester.

All Weego TWIN baby carriers are free from harmful and allergenic substances.

Each carrier comes with a set of soft cotton bibs which attach to the inside of the carrier under your babies heads to provide a soft place for their cheek and to help protect your carrier.


Twin Dad Carrying baby twins in Weego Twin Carrier


Easy care and cleaning

The Weego TWIN is easy to machine wash at low temperatures.

Wash separately with a gentle, bleach-free detergent and low spin cycle after closing all Velcro and buckles. It can be tumble-dried at low temperatures.

Download the instructions to use the Weego Twin Carrier